Welcome to NYC Holistic Health!

We are passionate and committed to holistic health and well-being. Our plan for this website is to provide information and access to exciting holistic health products and services. In the coming weeks and months we will be developing and expanding the content of this site. We suggest that you bookmark this page so you can visit again and again to stay abreast of our expanding resources and information about holistic health care.

To begin with, we want to bring to your attention several holistic health care practices that offer tremendous value: Homeopathy, Iridology and Personal Coaching.

Homeopathy - Homeopathy is a natural system of health care and healing that seeks to resolve a problem, not just manage it. It has a 200+ year track record as a healing science. It uses homeopathic medicines made from natural substances to address physical, mental and emotional conditions. To learn more about homeopathy, please visit the following site: New York Homeopathy

Iridology - Iridology is the science and art of observing marks or signs in the iris (color portion of the eye) that occur as reflex responses to specific tissue conditions in the body. These markings represent a detailed picture of the integrity of various organs and systems of the body. Information from each organ is transmitted by nerve connections and terminates in the corresponding sector of the right or left eye. To learn more about Iridology, please visit the following site: New York Iridology

Personal Coaching – Personal Coaching is about bringing out your best self so that your life is focused, productive and fulfilling. Holistic health involves well-being on all levels; the physical, the mental and the emotional levels. Coaching can play a powerful role in supporting a person to create a productive and fulfilling life, which in turn positively effects all the levels. To learn more about Personal Coaching, please visit the following site: Center For Coaching

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